The Pierians Incorporated

           Founded in 1958 . National Office Established in 1982

Flint, Michigan Chapter

Founded 1990

The Flint, Michigan Chapter of The Pierians, Inc. was chartered on November 19, 1990.  Charter members were: Carolyn Burgess, Derenda Collins, Denise F. Davis, Sheila A. Graham, Brenda Roger-Grays, Faye T. Johnson, Kathleen A. Jones, The Honorable Ramona W. Roberts, Dr. Mildred B. Smith, Dorothy H. Waller, Rosemary C. Ward, Ada C. Washington, Adrienne S. Wells, and Marion Williams.  Ada C. Washington served as the first chapter president.


The Chapter has been actively engaged in promoting the arts in the Flint area since its chartering in 1990.  Chapter activities have included sponsoring an exhibit and program at the Flint Institute of Arts for Jacob Lawrence, hosting a photographic exhibit in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Brown. v. Board at the Alfred P. Sloan Museum, awarding college scholarships to deserving emerging artists, and hosting trips to out-of-town museums and cultural programs.   Members of the Chapter, many artists in their own right, have served on local arts and cultural boards, including the Flint Institute of Arts, Greater Flint Arts Council, and the New McCree Theatre.


The Flint, Michigan Chapter has also been actively involved in The Pierians at the National level.  The Flint, Michigan Chapter hosted the National Assembly in 1997.  Members of the Chapter have served in national officer roles, including National Nominating Committee, National Rituals and Protocol Committee Chairperson, National Parliamentarian, National Chaplain, National Corresponding Secretary, and National Vice President.


At the local level, past presidents have included:


  • Ada C. Washington  [1990-1993]

  • The Honorable Ramona W. Roberts   [1993-1995]

  • Dr. Mildred B. Smith  [1995-1997]

  • Dorothy Hitts   [1997-1999]

  • Dr. Karen Weaver   [1999-2001]

  • Dr. Karen Weaver  [2001-2003]

  • Frances Faithful  [2003-2005]

  • Frances Faithful  [2005-2007]

  • LaNesha DeBardelaben [2007-2009]

  • Mildred Smith [2009-2011]
  • Mildred Smith [2011-2013]
  • Nelda Hebert  [2013-2015]
  • Nelda Hebert [ 2015-2017]


The Flint, Michigan Chapter is continuing to build upon its growing legacy of enhancement of the arts.


Chapter Officers 2019-2020


Semaj Brown, President
Edith Withey, Vice President
Elizabeth Jordan, Recording Secretary
Janet Poole-Little, Corresponding Secretary
Diane Kirksey, Financial Secretary
Julie Archer, Treasurer

Velynda Makhene
, Immediate Past President
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