The Pierians, Incorporated

           Founded in 1958       National Office Established in 1982

Member Emeritus

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Pierian Emeritus Hazel Hampton Fleming (Baltimore, Maryland) - Charter Member, First Recipient of the Annette C. Johnson Award [inducted 1993]


Our highest commendation goes to Hazel H. Fleming for her work with the art exhibition openings and her many initiatives. At various times she has served effectively as an officer in the Baltimore Chapter; president, vice president, secretary and chairperson on many committees. She was instrumental in the exhibit of the Photographs of Gordon Parks. As a result of the show, the Morgan State University Art Gallery became the proud recipient of the prize-winning Parks photograph The Dove, given by two benefactors. The Dove was originally shown in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Hazel Fleming deserves recognition as a successful woman, an excellent social worker, a most distinguished member of The Pierians and the person who enthusiastically shares her love and services to make this world a better place for all. She gave diligent service to Young Audiences, Inc., emphasized the need for providing funds to accomplished artists, and served as a benefactor to educate several students.


Hazel lives a beautiful life -- in words, writing, discussion, thoughts and deeds. She is a "keeper of the arts" -- that is her phrase. Dr. G. James Fleming, Professor Emeritus of Morgan State College was her husband. He believed in the goals and purposes of The Pierians. He is deceased but he left a legacy of love for the arts, dedication to young people and academic knowledge of political science.


Hazel Fleming attended the Pierian Assembly in Baltimore (1989), in Alexandria, Virginia (1991), and received the Annette C. Johnson Award in Columbia, Maryland (1993). She sent greetings to the 1995 assembly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the age of 96.


"To all who joy in music, drama and dance, who cherish and support artists at every chance, who carry on a love affair nearly irrational with the arts of every form, local and national -- I bid you a hearty welcome and good cheer."